The Practice of Change

 I love to get to know beautiful and resourcefull people. I am so blessed to count them as friends and also to share with them my ideas and to receive their words of wisdom.

 I have long lasting friendship, and also new friendships that bring me as much joy as possible. I have discovered that my family and friends are everywhere and that I really only need to do is look for them, not even search them, just look for them and they will come into my life.
 The one person I choose for this segment of inspiration is Silvana Garbe from . I have met her during our Psychology Masters and I was drawn to what she was eating and how beautiful and strong and playful she was. During the last 12 years I have seen her achieve her desires and grow and manifest beautiful things. Most of them are internal, right there where the power resides. She is passionate about living happy and creating and sharing love with others. She is also a Master of Guided Meditation and I highly reccomend her series of 21 Days of Magick. It is beautiful and it works. 
I have also had the opportunity to be her client on energy alignment and it was the thing that I needed at that time, to expand my methods of aligning to my source of happiness. I have discovered that I am a more visual person than I thought and also that my body is more sensous than I allow it to be. That was one of my blockages right there, confusing sensuality with expressing love or sexuality.  And they could go together, but they can work in other forms as well. 
Discovering that I can feel with my body with my entire body, the sweet caress of the wind or the embrace of the water was something that I had in me since being a child. And yet, experience it as an adult really helped me to consciously choose to go back to that feeling several times and experience the wholeness of life in me and around me. 

If you are curious about it, just give the process a try. It is a process and you should take it as such.  It is your process of discovering yourself. 

Abraham Hicks

 I discovered the work of Abraham Hicks from a recommendation from Silvana Garbe some months ago, in the right moment, when I was experiencing the desintegration of my Ego around my beliefs about conventional love and marriage.  I love them and their messages because are stuff that you can access easily when you quiet your mind. And yes, I do appreciate their humour. 


 I wasn´t aware of the deep level of spirituality and yoga within me until my good friend, Alina, suggested  Sadhguru. Sadhguru is really a different level of spirituality and incorporates a lot more than yogic system and indian culture and ancient wisdom. 
His Isha Kryia is part of my daily practice and helps me remind myself of the needed distance bewteen my body, my mind and the true nature of myself.  The spiritual, vibrational energy that allows me to focus in this existence and create new avenues for me and for others. 

Eckhart Tolle

 I found Eckhart Tolle one of the most grounded Persons I have managed to read. Also his experience of flow is amazing!   I highly recommend him to anyone looking to dive into her/himself deeply.