Honouring our Body * deciphering its signs and language

Sunday 26. September 2021


Creating Strength from Within

Thursday 15. April 2021 

We are all powerful Masters of our own lives. If you are interested in creating your strength or polishing it, or enjoy the act of coming together, we will happily create strength together.


TIME: 8am PDT, 10am CST, 4pm UK, 5pm CET, 6pm EET/Moscow. Check the time where you are here https://everytimezone.com/s/a115f5a0 


 We are all powerful Masters of our own lives. In some areas of life, we excel, and we come to realise our desires quickly, whereas in other areas of life we seem to encounter blockages or the same pattern of not getting what we want. 


In this Connection Playground Space we will focus on those areas of our life that are thriving and discover what we are consciously doing when we are thriving (whether it is staying in focus with what we want, or reaching for help, or creating the opportunities that we need etc.). 

After we consciously acknowledge our big part in this creation, we will together focus on our own areas of life that would welcome some thriving and create a new avenue for those desires to flourish. We will ‘water’ our desires with this newly (re)found Strength and tend to them and watch them grow and manifest. 

Each one of us is the Master of their life and therefore coming together and playing with our strengths will help us focus on them and translate them into new ideas for paths and avenues of our other areas of life. 


To keep the gathering safe and cosy, spaces are limited to 8 and based on application. If you want to join, please take a minute to fill in this questionnaire: https://forms.gle/ES33Z8BRQECNeQJK8


You are welcome to join this event FREE of charge. If you wish to offer a donation as a way to give thanks for your experience, you can do so here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/connectionplayground


Bring your journal/ notebook and pen.



Monica Miron - Happiness is expanding style. Monica intuitively knows her strengths and now consciously acknowledges them. She loves to play and wants to acknowledge all that she has learned and all that she will be learning through success and happiness. https://www.happiness-is-expanding.com/ 


Maria Perkins is a compassion based mindfulness teacher, facilitator, and intuitive artist. She’s also a mother and grandmother, with over 20 years experience working within education and mental health & well-being. She loves to connect, create, co-create, and collaborate. And to play! Which is why she keeps returning to explore curious practices, and questions, with the wonderful humans who visit the Playground. https://www.mariaperkins.fi



This event is done in partnership with the Connection Playground - an online community looking to support the evolution of human consciousness through exploring connection with self, other and nature. We are offering a multitude of free online events each week, co-created by our community. To stay informed, sign up at: https://connectionplayground.org

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