My Services

Personal development and growth

Here you are the master of your rythmus. 
It can be super fast or it can be sluggish. What matters is that you can find your own rythm and you are happy with the pace in which your life is going. 
I would be delighted and happy to assisst you on your path:

  • get-to-know session
  • 5-10 session of assisted personal development and growth
  • ideas and suggestion for things that make life really enjoyable and fun
  • in between session e-mail assisstance

Psychological Counselling

I have more than 5 years experience in psychological counselling and more than 3 years experience in neuropsychological counselling.

If the need for a psychological counselling is great, this is what you will receive:  

  • a first introductory session, where you tell me about you and your "personal obstacle" and I can tell you from a conventional psychological perspective what we can do in the next sessions. 
  • 5-6 sessions for a "small obstacle" and 10-12 session for a medium big-to big obstacle. 
  • encouragment to practice the skills in real life as a way of exercising your newly approach to your life and the "obstacle".
  • in between session assistance per e-mail.



If you feel an acute need to talk to a psychologist(for example you feel suicidal, or have hallucinations) please contact  a psychologist / psychiatrist in your own town or nearest hospital.